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Cassandra Music has been serving the Pacific Northwest since 1976.

What began as teaching music lessons and delivering quality performances of live music has since become a multifaceted local business which serves the community's needs by providing musical bookingand referrals to business-owners, organizations, festivals and fairs; live music program designand marketing consultation; and Open Mic Hosting for businesses looking to jump-start their live music program.

In addition to our services related to booking and consultation, we also refer or provide consulting & technical services related to
sound reproduction, and offer guitar, bass, mandolin & banjo instruction.   Additionally, we have developed quality instructional materialssuch as the Guitar Instructor books.  

In short, fill a nifty li'l niche!  What do you need today?



Cassandra Music operates as a community-building service which works within local networks to connect people in spheres relating to the music industry.

We value our ability to bring live music to neighborhood locations and look forward to continuing to build the kind of culture and community that will help the Northwest Music Scene as well as local businesses thrive. 

We are pleased to be
working with musicians, venues and audience members that are each willing to invest and work collaboratively toward a shared vision of neighborhood entertainment centered on appreciation of the arts.

•Musical bookings
•Program Design & Consultation
•Marketing Consultation & 
  Promotional Assistance
•Open Mic Co-Host
Phil and Debbie Hansen

•Sound Reproduction
•Open Mic Co-Host
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Are you interested in hosting live music, either for a private party, special event, or on an ongoing basis? 

Browse our website, and then feel free to contact Phil or Debbie Hansen at 360-825-5363

We look forward to hearing from you!